Vertical Jump | Strength & Conditioning

JUMP+ combines the use of traditional strength and conditioning training methods and employs the use of a VertiMax™ board to improve take-off and landing strategies related to blocking, serving and attacking as well as increasing vertical jump. Each hour-long session will include plyometrics, age-appropriate weight training, and VertiMax training. Strength and conditioning are a core part of Triangle's programming and are designed with a dual purpose - to increase athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury.

 Please note the age and ability restrictions for all of Triangle's strength and conditioning programming. 

 Lead Staff: Corey Johnson, Certified VertiMax Trainer

Strength, Conditioning & Vertical Jump Offerings

Vertical Jump

JUMP is a vertical jump training program designed for the elite volleyball athlete and is one important component of a comprehensive volleyball training regimen. Our program utilizes training methods and specialized equipment including multiple VertiMax™ training platforms, to enhance the speed, power, and jumping ability of participants.

Participants receive:

  • Supervised strength training designed to increase vertical jump
  • Increased first-step quickness and burst speed
  • Mental toughness training and a competitive edge
  • Reduced injury potential


  • When in the club season, Triangle athletes CANNOT attend JUMP on the same night as their regular practice night.
  • Generally speaking, JUMP+ is intended for athletes with a solid core of base fitness and who are aged 13s and up.

LEAD TRAINER: Corey Johnson, Certified Vertimax Trainer and CPT

Program costs vary depending on number of sessions included in the package. See below.

2019 FALL Sessions

FALL 1 - Cost [7 Sessions]: $100 Early-Bird [$140 Regular]

  • Middle School #1: Sundays, Begins September 8 through October 20, 230-330pm
  • High School #1: Sundays, Begins September 8 through October 20, 4-5pm

FALL 2 - Cost [6 Sessions]: $90 Early-Bird [$130 Regular]

  • Middle School #2: 6-7pm; Begins Monday, July 8 through Wednesday, July 31
  • High School #2: 6-7pm; Begins Monday, Aug 5 through Wednesday, Aug 28

Minimum and maximum class sizes apply. No prorates.