PowerCore 360® [PC360]

POWERCORE 360® [PC360] - Triangle is one of only a few clubs in the country certified to train PC360, a very effective technology for learning how to hit safer and harder. The training is rooted in biomechanics, core engagement, and hip rotation which helps athletes become stronger attackers with increased power but reduced risk of injury. All PC360 clinics and courses utilize high-level technical instruction that is designed to teach players how to FEEL the proper motion rather than just see or hear.

Triangle's considerable experience with PC360 has resulted in tremendous improvement in hitting power and effectiveness while reducing significantly the injury potential of Triangle athletes.

PowerCore 360® Certified Instructors have completed numerous hours of additional training. 

PowerCore 360® Instructors:

  • Michelle Panzl '10, PT DPT Lead, all levels
  • Paige Cox
  • Sami Kline

Attendees: Open to all athletes with a desire to improve attacking technique and power. 

Offerings: Participants are welcome to repeat camps and clinics.  Participants are often suggested to repeat to achieve basic repetitions in order to refine a skill.  

  • Camps/Courses: PC360 Level 1.0 and PC360 Level 2.0*
  • Clinics: PC360 LIVE!*

*During the junior club season PC360 Level 1.0 & 2.0 and PC360 LIVE! is only offered to current Triangle Volleyball Club members.

Can't find a PowerCore 360® program that works for you?*

You can receive PowerCore 360® training in a lesson format from our two lead PC360 instructors. Visit HERE for lesson information (minimum of two athletes per lesson session).

*or we currently don't have program offerings due to gym schedule conflicts

NOTE: Early-bird rates expire at midnight prior to the start date of each camp/clinic. No walkins. Same day registrants are accepted ONLY if space permits. All participants must register online. For more information please review Triangle Camp and Clinic Policies.

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Powercore 360 Offerings

PowerCore 360®

POWERCORE 360® [PC360™] - Triangle is one of only a few clubs in the country certified to train PC360™, a very effective training for learning how to HIT SAFER AND HARDER.  

In order to provide this valuable curriculum to as many athletes as possible we have designed different teaching formats to accommodate various schedules. Regardless of format, all PC360™ courses and clinics use a strict, proprietary curriculum designed to teach powerful and safe attacking with proper hip, torso, and shoulder action. All courses use high-level technical instruction [and often video feedback] to help players FEEL rather than just see or hear. Courses [regardless on number of sessions] are progressive in nature therefore pro-rates, partial participation, or drop-ins are not allowed. 

  • PC360™ Level 1.0 - introductory PowerCore 360® training. Clinic allows for athletes of varying age and abilities.
  • PC360™ Level 2.0 - next level PowerCore 360® training that advances athletes to live swinging using Acu-Spike and sometimes PC360™ training equipment. Eligible athletes only. *Code required to access in Oasys. Contact michelle.panzl@trianglevolleyball.org if you want to register. 
  • PC360™ LIVE! - incorporates PC360 training for positionally-specific hitters. Low coach-to-athlete ratio will ensure numerous quality repetitions and feedback. High level setting provided.

Attendees: Athletes 11-18 with prior club experience and knowledge of basic attacking fundamentals.

More info:

  • Class size is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • *No prorates, no make-up sessions
  • LEVEL 1.0 is for MS/HS athlete's [12s - 18s] with experience and training on a competitive team. LEVEL 1.0 classes work well with athletes of varying age and ability due to low athlete:coach ratio.
  • LEVEL 2.0 is for eligible HS athletes. To be eligible, athletes must have prior PC360™ Level 1.0 course experience (the full course taken at least twice recently) and a referral by a lead PowerCore 360® instructor [Panzl]. Level 2.0 will advance the player to live ball swings. For LEVEL 2.0, the coach-to-athlete ratio will be staffed at a 4:1 ratio. In many cases, PC360™ Level 2.0 participation is by invitation only..
  • LIVE! is for eligible HS athletes. To be eligible, athletes must have prior PC360™ Level 2.0 course experience and a referral by a lead PowerCore 360® instructor [Panzl]. LIVE! participation is by invitation only.
  • During the junior club season PC360™ LEVEL 1.0 & 2.0 and LIVE! are only offered to current Triangle Volleyball Club team members.

Visit our Oasys page to see current program offerings and to REGISTER!