Maggie Holcomb

Staff Member Since: 

Originally from Greensboro, Holcomb played at Northwest Guilford High School and both indoor and sand at NC Power Volleyball Club and NC Sand, respectively. Holcomb played indoor club at UNC-G prior to transferring to UNC-W. At UNC-W, Holcomb helped create the UNC-W Competitive Beach Volleyball Club and served as the club's Vice-President.

Holcomb began coaching early on as a volunteer at Spears YMCA in Greensboro. Her positive impact and strong desire to instill a love of the game was evidenced by many of the young players continuing in the sport to achieve success at the collegiate level. While at UNC-W Holcomb began coaching at East Coast Volleyball Academy and has experience at the 14 Regional and National levels.

Holcomb graduated UNC-W in May, 2022 with a BA degree in English and teaching licensure. She relocated to the Triangle area to teach and serve as an assistant coach at Clayton High School.