Courts for Kids Mission Trip

Triangle began its partnership with Courts for Kids in 2014 when a group of 17 student-athletes and 5 coaches embarked on a journey of a lifetime to Ciudad Neily, Costa Rica.  Courts for Kids [C4K] is a non-profit agency who partners with organizations such as Triangle to work with community members in economically disadvantaged areas to build courts which provide kids the opportunity to play sports. Oftentimes the court, once complete, becomes a gathering center of community life where kids play and families celebrate. Trip costs include all travel and the cost of construction materials for the court.

2014 | Ciudad Neily, Costa Rica

A group of staff and student-athletes are spent nine days in Ciudad Neily, Costa Rica on a mission trip in partnership with Courts for Kids It did not take long for the members of the group to begin making memories that will last a lifetime.

2016 | Guayajayuco, Domincan Republic

Guayajayuco is a community that sits on the Haitian border with the Domincan Republic. The residents of Guayajayuco have been looking forward to having a multi-sport court in their community for several years.  The community is full of volleyball and baseball enthusiasts and Triangle will be the perfect group to link arms with them.  We will work side by side with the community to build an outdoor court that will allow them to play the sports they love year round and create a central space for the community to gather. In the end the greatest gift for all involved will be establishing impactful relationships that will last a lifetime.