About Club Teams

Triangle Volleyball Club offers junior girls and boys club teams for ages 11-18s. The "official' club season runs from November through April or June/July depending on age/level. 


Tryouts are held at different times for different genders/ages.  Generally speaking, the tryout schedule is

  • Girls 15-18s, Early August in conjunction with high school tryouts.
  • Boys, all ages. Late September/early October.
  • Girls 11-14s, Early to mid-October.
  • Coaching assignments and program guides with all costs, training schedules and competition schedules are released in advance of tryouts.

Team Levels: 

We offer three levels of teams, Regional, Regional Plus, and National. 

Regional - Usually offered for ages 11-12s, these teams compete in the East Division of the Carolina Region, have no travel tournaments and end at the beginning of April. 

Regional Plus - Usually offered for ages 12-15, these teams compete in the Carolina Region as well as several out of region and travel tournaments. Season ends in April. 

National - the highest team level, usually offered for ages 13-18.  National teams compete in several major National Qualifiying events, out of region tournaments and travel extensively.  Their seasons end in June/July with either the AAU Junior National Championships or the USAV Junior National Championship.  

For questions specific to tryouts, please email us at info@trianglevolleyball.org