Fall 4v4 Tournament

The Triangle Fall 4v4 Tournament is a BRAND-NEW opportunity for athletes to experience Triangle with their friends. The Fall 4v4 Tournament offers athletes the chance to register your own teams and participate in a 4v4 tournament with low cost to participate. The registration fee is only $10 per player and all proceeds go towards Allie Lake (Class of 2016) and her medical expenses. Please read more about Allie Lake and her situation here.


  • Saturday, October 12th, 1-5pm

Each individual player must register through Oasys for the event. Please note:

Participants must be in 5th grade or older.
Teams can be of any size but only four (4) will be on court at any time.
Participants are not required to be Triangle members.
A waiver of liability for all participants is required and is part of the Oasys registration process.
Be prepared to list all members of your team below.
Every team must be co-ed and contain AT LEAST 1 female player.

COST: $10 per player
***Payment options include:  online payment by credit card.

DIVISIONS: There are BOTH competitive and recreational divisions for the following age levels:

Middle School (5th - 8th grade), Competitive & Recreational
High School (9th - 12th grade), Competitive & Recreational

FORMAT: 4v4 Reverse Co-ed
***Women's height net
***Males must attack from BEHIND the 10' line
***at least one (1) female on the court at all times

Space is limited. Registration will close at midnight on Wednesday, October 9th provided open spots remain in event.

Event schedule details will be released to teams by Friday, October 11th. Regardless all teams should plan on arriving and checking in no later than 1pm.

Information? info@trianglevolleyball.org